The Curse of the Crown

by Old Iron King

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Matthew Rukgaber
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Matthew Rukgaber Less death metal than Bolt Thrower, more Cathedral-esque than Venom, but owing something to the latter, Old Iron King perfectly captures that moment when NWOBHM, doom, and proto-black metal were merging to form death metal--a moment right before thrash, speed, and grind were to push the genre in a different and more extreme direction. These guys could have shared a double bill with Hellhammer in 1983. Favorite track: Hunting Grounds.
Rjlan (machines of hate)
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Rjlan (machines of hate) Old school dirty fuckin metal! I love it!!!! Favorite track: Hunting Grounds.
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"One of the best albums of this Summer"

- Hombre Rancio, Dioses Del Metal

Cover art credit: Marta S.


released July 6, 2015

Dominic Goulding - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming



all rights reserved


Old Iron King UK

Old Iron King creates dirty, lo-fi Metal with an old school flair.

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Track Name: The Curse of the Crown
This throne is a prison cell
These robes and scepter - a death sentence
Trapped in the walls of this regal tomb
Weighed down by sins without penance
In the courtyard the peasants stir
Malcontent and amassing
Venomous – the tongues of slaves
Plotting against their rightful king

The Sword of Damocles
Pendulous - coming down
Suspended by a single thread
Such is The Curse of the Crown

No-one left to save my skin
My closest comrades throw me to the wolves
Swords and axes swinging furiously
Breaching through these palace walls
My time has come but I am not willing
Chosen by God I shall defy my end
My pulse is racing in a righteous rage
My morbid empire – I defend

I hear my doom
On the wind
Drained of life
Fallen – giving in
The head is taken
Impaled and raised
For all to see
The death of an age

The king is dead – long live the king
Track Name: Peasants
These days are growing darker
These times are getting worse
Strangled by iron fist
Into the mire – immersed

A thrall is whipped; servant to man
Gold is the master of the whip hand
Desperate is this age
Born to be slaves


Our will wanes ever weaker
These chains augmented – strong
Our weary eyes are tortured
By the crushing burden of another dawn

Blind, these men of God
This faith in divine law
It has abandoned all
Nothing to save our souls
Into the blighted depths
Trampled down by arrogance
Spit forth your final breath
Scream for your oppressor’s death
Track Name: Adjudicator
Deep in the chamber ‘neath the Shrine of Storms
Clad in golden armour is its bloated form
Guarding the halls that the unworthy may not see
This demon now deranged by its own gluttony

Judge the dead
Flesh, the toll
Weigh the heart
Eat the soul

Pierced through its side by a heretic’s blade
Devouring their animus – their last mistake
Worshipers give praise to the Adjudicator’s conviction
Heroes and kings dwell proudly through the gate beyond
Track Name: Morbid Palace
Shadows dance on the marble floors
The master slumbers – starved of blood
Take up arms against the Sun’s light
Usher in unending night

Now they feed
Sanguine beasts
Drained and dead
The pride of mankind gushing a deep red

Now they rally at these palace gates
Far too little, far too late
Keep the strong as cattle for our kin
And crush the weak to reclaim this land

Morbid Palace
Track Name: Hunting Grounds
Lurk in the shadows of the hunting ground
Paved with the flesh and bone of innocence
Blood in the nostrils of these barbaric hounds
A final resting place – born of indifference

The torture
Within these hunting grounds
Through terror
And warfare
A ruthless king was crowned

Pursued through the forests in maddening fear
The sickening cruelty of these executioners
Struck down with a mocking blow from this instrument of death
Watch helplessly as your body is torn to pieces

Savage butchers – bloodthirsty
Forbidden by the gods are the weapons they wield
Endless hunts – brutality
All in the name of the Old Iron King
Track Name: Wind of Swords
Scores of men in the under-croft
Slaughtered by a Demigod
All through the bloodbath the beast lay unscathed
I stood fast and drew my blade

Dripping red
Unholy force
Defy death
A Wind of Swords

Survival hinged on a final push
I would strike a quietus
I stared deep into the demon’s eyes
Screaming forth a rallying cry

It was Crimson like a drop of blood
The Egg of the King – the mark of a God
It saved our skin with the power it holds
We kept our lives - but what of our souls?
Track Name: The Serpent and the Abyss
A Cursed City
Flooded and sealed
Contained for eons
Lest the dark arts be revealed
I wander these dead halls
Descend through these pits
I give myself willingly
To the abyss

Out from the blackness
The serpent rises
Speaking the truth
Forbidden so long
Dripping venom
Without sentiment
Heralds the Dark Lord

The flame of all life
Is dwindling away
Embrace the shadows
Let it fade
This feeble fool
Who coddles fire
And clings to his waning age
The King must die
Track Name: Black Rams
Thunderous hooves signal the charge
Through the morning’s misty light
Attack with inhuman strength
For the Kingdom’s bloody might

Black Rams

Never suffering defeat
Trampling the enemy
Pile the bodies to the sky
Let all hear our victory cry

Useless artillery
Total futility
Advancing with hostility
The Black Ram Heavy Cavalry
Track Name: The Tribe Unmourned
I am led amongst the dead
Yet I hear them drawing breath
They are lifeless and serene
Yet I hear the voices scream
Before me stands the Sharmat, Ur
Speaking calmly through his mask of gold
Cold comfort and hollow laughter
There are many rooms in the house of the master

This once great figure, scorned
Follow The Tribe Unmourned
Resurrected with a cursed but divine heart
In construction of another God

A blight wind sweeps across the land
Spewing forth sickness and plague
Eyes to fire – skin to ash
Spreading agony and death
All are welcome in these hallowed halls
If you would only renounce your false Gods
Swear to me your fealty
In the flames we are set free

Break the chains – shed cursed skin
Chant the incantation
Delivered from thine enemies
Stifled breathing in haunted sleep
Track Name: Hammer Crashes Down
You are not welcome here
Trespass against your lords
You tremble with fear
Submit your blood

Behind my eyes is death’s design
And the Hammer crashes down

Your soul is broken
Your armour rusts
I grind your feeble bones
Nothing left but dust
Track Name: Witchcrusher
Deep within the castle – walls covered in moss
On through misty passages into the catacombs
A blasphemous coven – chanting sacred rites
Praises to the Goat under a cloak of night

Bound in torture
Brand sears the skin
Spare me your pathetic cries
Confess your sins

Alone in cold and darkness – imprisoned in this keep
For sordid pagan rituals – crimes against humanity
You are scarred and whipped and flayed all in the name of God
I am his chosen confessor – remorseless in my work

My hands are holy tools
That were not made to heal
But to extract the truth
From your anatomy
Track Name: Cosmic Tomb
My eyes are open to this squirming flesh
A mass of mouths and tentacles to make the mind collapse
Dwelling beyond the realms of human comprehension
Hidden amongst the stars until their intervention

Stand in these otherworldly luminous gardens
Sanity slips away within their presence
Under the paling light of the weakling moon
Drown in the hopelessness of this cosmic tomb

Nightly excursions through this deathlike dream
The sheer magnitude from the heavens to the deep
Held in this worthless shell with this fragile mind
Struck dumb by ignorance of this space and time

Celestial court of the divinely mad
Outside the ordered universe – indifferent to man
The Daemon Sultan slumbers, lulled by the thin piping flute
In this conical temple – awaking doom

Pale the blood within these veins

Beneath this otherworldly decaying moon
Drown in the hopelessness of this cosmic tomb
Track Name: Marble & Stone
Track Name: Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos
It has one thousand forms
All sow madness in thy soul
Monstrous spawn of Azathoth
Servant to the Outer Gods
Mighty Nyarlothotep
The Dweller in the Darkness
Lunacy shall take its toll
For he is the heart and soul

The Crawling Chaos
The Faceless God

Stalker amongst the stars
This amorphous messenger
Human minds are easy prey
Toying with their sheltered ways
Hear the chanting of his name
Witnesses rendered insane
Incarnated - Transdimensional
Unspeakable - Ineffable

That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons even death may die